Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels can transform the look of any car and add value. Most of the world’s largest manufacturers use powder coating to coat their wheels, however, over time, kerb and pothole damage, and the use of acids to clean wheels, can leave your wheels and your car looking tired. 

The solution? A professional alloy wheel refurbishment. 

At North Coat Ltd we can give your wheels a new lease of life, refreshing them back to their original glory, or treating them to a colour change which can completely overhaul the look of the entire vehicle. Following our stripping process, which is multi-staged and thorough, the wheel is then coated using an anticorrosive powder which will help protect again salts and acids on the road.

We also specialise in refurbishing steel wheels, typically found on classic cars and agricultural, plant and commercial vehicles.

Cost of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

The cost of alloy wheel refurbishment can depend on the type and style of your alloy wheels. North Coat offer a professional and competitively priced alloy wheel refurbishment service across the North West of England. Contact us today to discuss your requirements  

Our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

Remove the wheels from the car

To begin the alloy wheel refurbishment process, we lift the car off its wheels and remove the wheels. We mark each tyre to ensure they are refit in the same position they came off the car. We ask all customers to ensure the locking wheel nut is present and in a good working condition before they book their car in.

Step 1
Step 2

Tyres Removed

We then remove the tyres from the wheels and assess the tyres to ensure they are safe to be refitted on the car once the refurbishment is complete. If we are not happy with the condition of a tyre, we will not refit that tyre to the wheel. We will notify you at this point before we start the refurbishment process.

Stripping the paint

All the old coatings are stripped from the wheel, back to the bare metal and the damage is then assessed and repaired in the most appropriate way.

Step 3
Step 4


We know preparation is key, so once the damage has been assessed and repaired, we will key the surface using our state-of-the-art aqua blasting machine. This allows us to get the maximum adhesion to the surface of the wheel for the most effective protection from the process.

Primer applied

We then apply a suitable primer based on the finish and condition of the wheel to ensure the best protection and longevity for your wheels. Sometimes the wheel will need to be cooled down and fine surface imperfections removed before we move to the next stage.

Step 5
Step 6

Topcoat applied

We then coat the wheel in the chosen colour and finish. This can sometimes be a 3-stage process depending on the finish. We have lots of colour and finish options for you to choose from, from basic flat silvers to more unique shades.

Tyres refit

We then refit the tyres and balance the wheels to ensure the smoothest drive with your newly coated wheels.

Step 7
Step 8

Refit the wheels to the car

The wheels are then fitted to the car, the wheels are torqued in accordance with the manufacture recommendations and the car lowered to the ground.

Before you leave

Before we allow the car to leave our premises, we will ask you to move the car a few yards and the wheels are torqued again in front of you to ensure you are happy and feel safe to drive away.

Step 9

Alloy Wheel Repair

At North Coat we can also repair heavily curbed, cracked and buckled wheels.

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