Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Is your garden furniture looking tired? Flaky paint? Fancy a colour change? 

This is the perfect time to dig and get it revamped and refreshed for spring in time to enjoy it! 

Our process includes priming, which is a step missed on many production lines, meaning we can restore the coating to BETTER than new!

Our process includes:


To remove old worn coatings, we choose the most appropriate method for stripping depending on the material and condition. The options include thermal, chemical, and blasting and we have extensive knowledge to advise on the most appropriate method.

Step 1
Step 2


We use our state of the art Aqua-blasting machine to provide the perfect base for coating. We then use a range of surface treatments to promote adhesion.


We have a range of primers that cater to multiple applications, and we select the most appropriate one for the surface and finish required.

Step 3
Step 4


Colour, texture, finish, there are so many options! Matt? Satin? Gloss? Smooth? Leatherette? Endless possibilities. Powder capabilities are fantastic, and we can help you to choose the perfect finish for your project.

Collection and Delivery service available.

Please contact us for more information or to request a quote. 

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