Powder Coating at North Coat

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a finishing process in which a free flowing, dry, thermoplastic or thermoset powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed over a metal surface. The electrostatically charged dry powder is drawn to the object, and on contact bonds to the surface, giving the ability to create a thicker coating with a more comprehensive coverage than traditional wet spraying. The item is then heated to melt the powder to an even, smooth finish and left to bake and cure, creating one of the most strong, durable and long lasting coatings.

Why choose Powder Coating?

 Powder coatings do not require a liquid carrier to transfer it onto a surface, instead, the surface is given an electrostatic charge, drawing the powder to it. This gives us the ability to create a thicker coating without running or sagging, and the electrostatically charged particles cling to the surface, producing minimal appearance differences between vertical and horizontal surfaces, so whether the object is square, circular, smooth or textured you achieve an even coating on every surface. 

In comparison to wet paints, which require solvents in their make up, powder coatings are much more environmentally friendly than other coating options. Alongside the environmental factor there is practicality; appearance and longevity are key requirements for the majority of clients. Powder coat provides a more comprehensive coverage, edge protection is increased due to the evenness of the application, and most importantly, the finish lasts longer.

Over the years powder coating has been used in many applications, from agriculture, architecture, automotive, healthcare and many more. Technologies have now developed so much over the years, that powder coating is now the preferred method of coating used by manufacturers around the world.

Our Powder Coating Service & Capabilities

North Coat have the ability to coat items up to 6 meters. With one of the largest powder coating ovens in the immediate and surrounding areas of Garstang and Lancashire, we can facilitate large single items or even a batch powder coating service of smaller items. With our unique set up, we have the flexibility to adapt our works to many projects.

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

At North Coat, we offer professional alloy wheel refurbishment for all types and styes of alloy wheels. Our refurbishment solutions include alloy wheel powder coating. Contact us to discuss your alloy wheel powder coating requirements.

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